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Massage in Kings Heath, Birmingham
with massage, muscle and movement specialists in Kings Heath

Based in Kings Heath, Birmingham, we are a professional practice dedicated to reducing pain and discomfort – both mental and physical – and improving quality of life for our clients as quickly and effectively as possible.

We are MASSAGE, MUSCLE & MOVEMENT SPECIALISTS trained in a wide range of both Eastern and Western massage styles, providing Remedial massage, Tuina (Chinese) incorporating elements STR (soft tissue release), NMT (neuro muscular techniques), and lymphatic drainage massage where appropriate to give a comprehensive treatment uniquely tailored to your needs. With the addition of the Feldenkrais Method, we are finding that a combination of the Method with massage is giving faster and more effective results which are sustained over a longer period. The focus is then not only on the muscular system but also on the skeleton and nervous system. The results are that muscles which are trapped into a holding-pattern -perhaps after injury or through repetitive use - can be more easily freed-up. In addition, poor breathing habits which can also result from pain and injury (as people tend to hold their breath or breathe very shallowly when hurting) can be changed so that full use is made of the lungs - making the body more efficient overall.

A successful team, we have many years experience and most of our business is from client referrals. We have a broad skills base to tackle all types of muscular conditions. We have a strong reputation for results and will improve your comfort and range of movement, reduce pain levels, and quickly restore your muscles to their optimum condition in the most cost-effective way. We'll also advise you on how to maintain it.

We are the first practice in the Midlands to have a qualified Teacher of the Feldenkrais Method and can offer this amazing discipline to groups and individuals in the form of Awareness Through Movement classes, and one-to-one sessions (called Functional Integration). We offer this method as a stand-alone discipline, as well as blending it with massage to give a unique and even more effective result for clients.

Many people blame advancing years for their stiffness and pain on movement, but often it is a result of poor postural and movement habits which, once changed, can be replaced with the ease and grace of a much younger person. Older people can regain their agility, balance and co-ordination which promotes confidence to live and move more independently. 

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