no hot stones, no cold wraps, no fads, no fashions - just effective treatment!

About the BodyMind Clinic

Based within The Birmingham Centre for Chinese Medicine in Kings Heath, Birmingham we are bodywork & massage specialists with a full understanding of how mind and body influence and affect each other. We have been established in the area for over 20 years and have a proven record of excellent results in successfully treating a wide range of conditions. We are constantly upgrading our skills and seeking the most effective ways available to help clients reduce pain and improve their range of movement and flexibility.


The Bodymind Clinic ethic is to provide high quality treatments, to alleviate pain and stiffness, improve & maintain flexibility in movement, and to generally improve the quality of life of all our clients, in the shortest time and at a reasonable cost.

From the start, with a strong belief  in the "mind/body connection", we have ensured that all the disciplines offered are compatible and will serve to enable our clients to be as mobile & dextrous as possible and ensure that even as they age, this freedom of movement  continues. Now with the addition of the Feldenkrais Method our task has been made easier.

How Do We Work?

We believe "less is often more", so in terms of the types of therapies we offer, we have specifically focused on the following in order to specialise rather than become too diverse.

If we believe another type of therapy is more appropriate - for instance osteopathy for an alignment problem - we will refer the client to a colleague at a different clinic as part of their overall treatment. We are NOT afraid to put our clients’ interests above our own.

Treatments are dynamic and - for the most part - enjoyable. We believe in moving people forwards, to achieve their highest aims for themselves, as quickly as possible. Many clients visit on a regular basis to maintain the better standards of health they now experience.

We offer:

  • Specialist massage treatment to reduce pain, increase mobility and treat a wide variety of muscular conditions
  • Practical treatments and classes for reducing stress and anxiety

We believe that the eventual addition of The Feldenkrais Method will assist us in keeping our treatments more effective than other massages, adding a further significant breadth & depth to our work. This subtle yet powerful  discipline will  broaden the base of clients to whom we can offer a fast resolution to the pain and stiffness associated with muscular conditions & unhelpful postural habits.

Fully qualified, experienced and, of course, professionally insured, we work with integrity and full regard for the people we treat.