no hot stones, no cold wraps, no fads, no fashions - just effective treatment!

About Massage...

What is Massage and why should it be used?

Massage is one of the ancients ways to promote healing within the body. Hippocrates (he of the Oath!) is quoted as saying that all doctors should:

" ...know how to rub".

about massageTouch is instinctive when we hurt, or if we see someone in pain, it is a highly effective way to give comfort.

Unlike the Eastern traditions of medicine we do not incorporate massage as a valuable part of our body's health and wellbeing. In the West, many people are thus "touch deprived" . Many live alone and some still have the remnants of the view that massage can be suspect in some way, although this is now changing.

Body and Mind Constantly Interact

Bodymind massage treatments are gimmick-free - no cold stones or hot rocks! Instead we will draw on the most appropriate elements of the different styles of massage and combine them into the best treatment for your body’s needs. No two massages are the same, each is individually tailored for the client.

Muscle gives shape, stability and substance to our bodies. The musculature can change our shape and stature, enabling us to move and position ourselves in countless ways. However, over time we develop patterns of posturing and moving which can result in chronic tension, restricted circulation, pressure on the nerves and pain.

BodyMind Massage in Kings Heath BirminghamMassage treatment works on skin, muscle and joints but because the body's systems are interconnected there is a psychological "lift" as well as benefits for digestion, respiration, circulation etc.

Skin offers an excellent means of influencing internal processes. It is directly in touch with the nervous system, blood circulation and muscles. Internal states of mind and of physical health directly affect the skin - think how your moods are reflected by flushing, paling, goose-pimpling and sweating of the skin; chronic anxiety causes darkening of the skin under the eyes; acute emotional stress can cause a rash or spots.

Massage provides an excellent fast and effective way to maintain an efficient body and overall good health. It is a non-invasive, pleasant way to:

  • Reduce pain in joints and muscles
  • Improve function of all body systems
  • Increase flexibility, immunity and mobility
  • Reduce stress and tension in both mind and body
  • Increase clarity of thought and focus
  • Learn to relax quickly and easily
  • Improve circulation and lower blood pressure

What happens in a session?

Massage is usually a whole-body treatment - the back, head and neck, shoulders and legs & feet. However, some people prefer to have less of their body treated and will opt for back and legs only, or head, neck & shoulders only. It is entirely up to the individual.

Massage in Kings Heath BirminghamA case history is taken at the first session to pinpoint any problem areas and assess patterns of diet, exercise etc so that appropriate treatment can be suggested and advice given to help relieve any additional psychological and/or physiological pressures.

Oils - sometimes with a blend of essential oils for relaxation or improved circulation - are used for the massage. Clients are always treated with courtesy and respect to their dignity & privacy, and the whole experience is one of relaxed time for your Self.

Massage makes an excellent gift for birthdays and festive times - no having to share it with someone else! A gift of time - so precious to us all in these hurried days - in which to totally relax. Perfect!