no hot stones, no cold wraps, no fads, no fashions - just effective treatment!

Feldenkrais Workshops

The Feldenkrais Method:

  • Increases range-of-movement
  • Improves posture & self-awareness
  • Reduces/eliminates pain & stiffness
  • Enhances focus & concentration
  • Heightens sense-of-self & generates positivity whilst reducing stress
  • Profoundly relaxing for the nervous system, engages mind & body as one


Janet is now semi-retired and is no longer offering Workshops.


The Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Classes

Awareness Through Movement classes are precisely structured movement explorations that involve thinking, sensing, moving, and imagining. Each lesson (and there are hundreds) consists of comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve into movements of greater range and complexity. The difference between this and other “fitness” classes is that the focus is not on the end result but how you get there! The classes assist in making each individual aware of his/her habitual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities and to expand options for choosing new ways of moving while increasing sensitivity and improving efficiency.


One-to-One sessions – known as Functional Integration (FI) lessons

The Feldenkrais Method on youtubeIn a Functional Integration lesson, the teacher uses his/her hands to guide the movement of a single client, who may be sitting/lying on a Feldenkrais table or standing (fully clothed). The practitioner uses this "hands-on" technique to help the student experience the connections among various parts of the body (with or without movement). Through precision of touch and movement, a person learns how to eliminate excess effort and thus move more freely and easily. Although the Method does not specifically aim to eliminate pain or "cure" physical complaints, such issues may inform the lesson. Pain may often be resolved as an individual learns a more integrated, free, and easy way to move.


Comments Received

"Time fled by - I feel as if I'm standing much more upright and less 'wobbly' than this morning"
JM, client who has issues around balance and had experienced pain on walking & climbing stairs

"A refreshing, balancing session suitable for anyone"  and "Refreshing, relaxing, integrating. An education of comfortable movement"
MM, retired GP

"Really enjoyed the class. 4 hours felt like 2. My back and breathing are a lot more relaxed. Will be back for more" 
JJ, client with postural issues and back pain

"I'm much more in touch with the way I move & use my body. It has enabled me to free up tension in joints resulting in less pain." 
KL, musician interested in enhancing her playing as well as dealing with pain in shoulder joint & neck

"Amazing to become aware of how just a small adjustment can make moving the body easier & smoother. Fascinating to be able to explore the degree/extent to which you are/are not in touch/aware of what your body is doing"
SE  semi-retired, client who was experiencing hip/leg pain and also breathing difficulties