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Remedial Massage in Kings Heath, Birmingham

Remedial Massage is the name given to any deep massage which corrects/resolves a body-malfunction; it provides a "remedy". This treatment is as deep as is appropriate for you. It can be as deep as a sports massage, or lighter to accommodate the very young, elderly and more fragile. Our clients range widely in age (from as young as 9 up to 94!) and all have different health issues.

remedial massage Kings Heath birminghamUsually an oil massage, remedial massages is a deep, relaxing treatment which restores circulation, increases metabolism, stimulates the nervous and endocrine systems, lowers blood pressure and makes all of the body's systems work more efficiently.

Over time, treatments improve posture and flexibility whilst helping maintain your body's optimum health. Remedial massage works mostly at a muscle level, it is also excellent for relieving the symptoms of IBS, digestive problems, emotional" stuckness", headaches, cold/flu congestion and much more.

We use essential oils where appropriate, Tiger Balm to warm, to relieve pain and stimulate circulation and sometimes use stretching to ease joints& limbs once the massage is completed.

If you require Remedial Massage in Kings Heath, Birmingham, then please don't hesitate to contact us.