no hot stones, no cold wraps, no fads, no fashions - just effective treatment!

Meet the Team, the Bodymind Therapists...

At Bodymind Clinic the aim is to reduce pain & discomfort as quickly & effectively as possible, and improve range of movement, selecting the right treatment for each new client based on the different styles and skills available. The massage styles are all deep tissue, but it is possible to adapt treatments for even the most fragile clients. With many years of experience, most business comes from client referrals. Existing clients know we have a strong reputation for results – treatment is available for all muscular conditions, acute and longstanding. Our aim is pain-relief, maintaining agility and easy movement and sometimes improving performance/skills.

Janet Heath (LCM Dip ITEC Tuina CCA.TCM Beijing Feldenkrais Teacher)

Janet has been a therapist in the Kings Heath area for over 20 years. From the beginning she has fostered and maintained a keen interest and belief in the mind/body connection and its effectiveness in bringing about significant life changes for clients. Her extensive training in massage covers therapeutic, remedial, sports and Chinese (Tuina) massage, the latter requiring a month at a teaching hospital in Beijing.

Janet is also qualified in Hypnosis and NLP, and has briefly studied Psychoneuroimmunology and these subjects inform and underpin her provision of physical therapies. She has often achieved results where orthodox medicine has failed or where there are limited treatments available. Janet believes it is important to question the “usual” and the “normal”, and that being a little curious and open-minded can often bring unexpected rewards and relief to clients.

This approach led Janet to the Feldenkrais Method, a discipline which is truly mind/body. Janet is now qualified to teach Awareness Through Movement Classes and to offer one-to-one Functional Integration sessions. She feels that through learning this Method her understanding of the nervous system is enhanced and deepened,  thus improving her skills base to the extent that she can achieve results for clients much more quickly - further reducing pain, increasing range of movement and treating a wider range of conditions. Aspects of the method can easily inform and be incorporated into her massage treatments, or delivered as a stand-alone discipline via ATM classes and Functional Integration sessions.