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Therapeutic Massage in Kings Heath, Birmingham

The word "therapeutic" means having a beneficial influence on the treatment of an illness, or in more general terms having an overall beneficial effect on health in mind and body.

Therapeutic massage is a non-specific (i.e. is not focused on treating an injured area), deep muscle, health-improving massage which creates relaxation as it stimulates the deep touch receptors of the body. The surface receptor are often stimulated as they are closer to the skin's surface, but the deeper receptors are not within the range of everyday touch. It can help keep even the most delicate skin smoother & less lined, as it brings blood to the skin tissue with oxygen to restore/repair, at the same time removing cellular waste/toxins.

Therapeutic massage will always help with relaxation in mind and body, reducing stress levels, improving circulation of blood and other body fluids (including digestion), stimulating the nervous system, and thus improving muscle tone and flexibility. It is a non-invasive treatment which is wonderful for smoothing out life's irritations and restoring a sense of balance within as well as on a physical level.

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